My application is a dc-dc converter with a switching frequency of 1MHz . The topology is similar to a DAB . My current peaks are nearly 100A. I want to measure currents in different points in pcb and want to control it. What can i do ? I am not able to find any parts that has this high bandwidth and high current.

we do not have much experience with such high bandwidth current sensors, although our apps team has started to look at a few. In the meantime this month we should release the EPC9186 motor drive ref design using an ACS72981: Current Sensor IC With 200 μΩ Current Conductor (, but this one is “only” 250kHz.
There are a few options out there from Allegro( ACS730: 1 MHz Bandwidth Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor (, 80A), Aceinna ( MCA1101-65-5 - Aceinna: Leader in MEMS Sensor Technology, 50A, 65A), Crocus ( CT42x - 1 MHz, High Precision XtremeSense® TMR Isolated Current Sensor (, 50A) but we do not have direct experience with them.
Maybe you can try and contact these companies and see if they have something closer to your needs…
I hope this helps!