Dead time requirements in a motor drive

I am interested in EPC2152 for motor inverter circuit.
We want to control motor PWM more than 100kHz (Maximum 400kHz), what is the appropriate dead time for this IC?

The EPC2152 does not have an internal dead-time generation, but it has a logic lock-out on the inputs to prevent a shoot-through condition. The deadtime should be generated by the controller, and can be very low since GaN can switch very fast and has no reverse recovery. For motor drives with EPC2152 I would recommend to take a look at our EPC9146 – 400 W Motor Drive Demo Board (, which also comes in a full kit EPC9146KITA – 400 W Motor Drive Evaluation Kit (

In our controller we recommend 21ns as a starting point, but you should be able to go lower, although I am not sure there will be much advantage to go below 10ns.