EPC2152_sim not working

Hi, modify your model to differential mode with two 2152 and LTspice not work… Why?

Hi, I would like to help but need a little more information about this problem, please.
Which simulator are you using (e.g., LT Spice)?
Can you share your testbench or a screenshot of it?
When the simulation does not work, what error message do you receive?
Thank you.

i attached my LTSpice prj.

I can’t see output signals from 2152

project with two parts of 2152 not working, only one - working.

Quick update. I reproduced the problem. Simulation is returning undefined SW voltages.

I do not have any experience with using two buck converters in differential mode. Should there be a ground reference somewhere connected to the SW nodes?

Simple example:

In this case, the simulation converges.