EPC9162 Kit Hex File for Buck Mode


Can anyone please help me through this? I have imported GaN based Buck and boost converter KIT EPC9162 https://epc-co.com/epc/products/evaluation-boards/epc9162. The kit is by default programmed as reverse Boost converter that is powered from the low voltage port. I have to operate this KIT in Buck mode, for which I have to reprogram it with Buck controller, but there is no hex file given on their website.

Can anyone with similar kind of experience help me in this? I have emailed EPC for this, but there is no reply.

Jahania Shah

unfortunately, although the board is able to operate in buck mode from a hardware perspective, we did not create a firmware for it.

Ohh, then what is the alternative for this? Can’t I use it in Buck mode?

You can, but you would need to write your own code. The boards were tested during the development phase in open loop, but we did not generate any code for it…

I read hex file of reverse boost topology from the kit, but unable to convert back to C language code… Can you please provide C code for the reverse boost controller? , I will try my best to write for buck then.

here is the production project for the boost converter:
EPPC9162-REV1_Boost_Production.X.zip (319.6 KB)
I hope this helps…

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