EPC9192KIT power configurations

I want to buy a EPC9192KIT to drive my 4Ω / 86dB speaker, the manufacturer recommended Amp. Power is 20~100w.

So, my questions are:

  1. How to set the maximum power to about 100w ? Just buy a GaN power such as 120W 48V GaN power SDI120G-48-U? I know 700w Amp can handle 100w speaker, but I want to be safe and matching input/output power.
  2. What’s the minimum watts required for Single regulated 12V power supply input and Dual split supply input?
  3. Is there any power suggested officially? If yes, can I buy it together with EPC9192KIT?
  4. I’m living in Shanghai, China. Is there any law issue of shipping EPC9192KIT to China, especially for personal home usage? I’m using it for enjoying music and learning electric circuits from DevKit.
  5. About supply, I saw 8 weeks needed to ship from EPC. So, I should wait for about 2 months at least?


Hello, and thank you for your questions.
Our board can be powered from ±42V up to ±85V.
Please have a look to the Quick Start Guide for more detailed info.

  1. you need a dual power supply, so two by 48V power supplies, connected as shown in the QSG. The output power will be around 100W on 8 Ohm, and 200W on 4 Ohm. The way to deliver less power is just to provide an input signal to EPC9192 which is limited in amplitude by an external processor or clipping/limiting circuit.
  2. the 12V supply power draw is less than 300 mA. A 1A PSU would work. For the dual split power supply, at 48V, you would need a power supply with 2 times the output power you need to deliver, or capable of 200% peak output power. Also it is recommended to add at least 2000 uF of capacitance per rail.
  3. I would look at power supplies from Hypex Electronics, or the Meanwell LRS-N2 series or equivalent.
  4. no restriction
  5. we are building a new batch of boards, please follow Digikey indications. They will be available in the next few weeks

Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Hi @tiziano.morganti ,
Thanks for your info! That’s sound great! All my concerns solved!