GaNFet for high side drive

Good day, epc team
Do you have any high side drive solution for common cathode lasers?
I am looking for a high side driving solution to switch multi-channels high voltage( 50~80V) for lasers. The switching can be controlled by low voltage logic signal.
The following device looks good.
Would you please let me know if the device was ready and its part number?

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Hi, I am EPC FAE Chen.Hu, in Nothern China.
We found if uses internal level shift + bootstrap structure for the high side laser driver, the stray features would impact the laser current width and generate other issues.
So, right now, we don’t have the high side driver products. And we provide single channel low side driver, just like EPC21701. Some customers are going to build external level shift circuit, then use EPC21701 as a high side driver.
If you have further question, please contact me,

Hi Chen,
Thank you for your quick reply.
Would you please provide a reference design to build a high side driver with EPC21701? Or recommend any level shift IC?

Hi Chen,
I found picolas ldp-av 16n45-40 which uses a small IC ( about 2mm x 2mm) to control EPC GaNFet at the high side. 16n45-40 is a 16 channels common cathodes lasers driver board. Do you know the control ic’s part number?

Hi, please refer to the schematic.
You can implement similar level shift.
The “GaN gate drvier + EPC2059” can be replaced by EPC2170x.

Hi Cheng,
Thank your for your schematic.
I found IT LMG1205 has the same function to turn on the high side GaNFet and can save more layout room.