How to check if EPC 9145 evaluation board gate driver IC is working or not?

Hello all,

I am using EPC 9145 evaluation board for a project. According to the manual, it’s minimum switching frequency is 20khz. For 5 minutes yesterday, I operated it at around 10 Khz.

Then there was a fuse and now it is not working. The PWM signal is being generated at the gate and the input voltage is being detected. But there seems to be no output.

How can I check if I blew the gate driver IC or something else?

although we specify a minimum of 20kHz, there is no real limitation to go lower: it’s just that when using GaN FETs it makes to stay above 20kHz…
The failure is probably related to something else: did you monitor any temperatures during operation?
To debug the board I would first check the gate drivers: are all the supplies there? are the signals coming in but not out?
Then you can also check the GaN FETs: is the gate signal coming out of the gate driver? What about the gate itself of the GaN FETs?

I hope this helps…