Land pattern/PCB footprint for the EPC23101?


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I am designing an active rectifier for the secondary side of a 6kW LLC converter (primary is a full-bridge inverter with SiC, then there is a transformer 800V to 54V, then the voltage is rectified on the secondary side with full-bridge GaN).

The primary side is already finished from an earlier project, so I am only working on the transformer and rectifier.

I have been browsing through what to use for the GaN devices, and decided the EPC2302 seems like a good fit. I also found that there is this ePower chipset called the EPC23101, that drives an internal high-side FET and can drive an external low-side FET which would be the EPC2302. It has lots of driving and safety functionalities that seem pretty great.

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Anyways, I am wanting to include this EPC23101 in my design, but am having trouble finding a land pattern/PCB footprint file to import it into my project in Altium. It even doesn’t provide a recommended land pattern in the datasheet. So, before I create a footprint in Altium without any recommended land pattern, does anyone know if there happens to be a footprint already available somewhere? I assume there must be one in existence because it is used in some development boards, such as the EPC90142.

I greatly appreciate any help!

Hi, and thank you for looking into the GaN power IC EPC23101, and thanks for posting your question.

Sources for the footprint:

I hope this helps.

Brian Miller, EPC field applications engineer