Low Side Gate Driver (UCC27611)


This is Khuzaima from Pakistan. I want to design a half-bridge gate driver for a boost converter. I came across the texas instrument which uses GaN HEMTs for the gate driver creation. I understand the working principles, and the ratings of triggering and all the basic concepts related to half-bridge gate drivers.

I want to design the gate drivers from scratch. The derivations i.e. the equations are not present in the UCC27611 document neither the EPC GaN book (chapter 3). I have been doing literature review since three days, couldn’t find anything fruitful. If I can get a resource for the designing of the components, then, that would be a game changer.

Looking forward for a fruitful response. TIA :slight_smile:

could you clarify which equations you are referring too?
Do you want to determine what gate resistors to use with a specific gate driver? In that case there are some references in the book, but you could also look at our half-bridge reference board for the specific GaN FET you are planning on using and take the values used there as a good starting point.
Or do you want to design a gate driver? In that case I don’t think we can provide too much help. I would just say it is a complex topic: unless you are sure you want to pursue that path I would recommend using a commercially available gate driver: Choosing Your GaN Driver & Controller | GaN First Time Right |EPC (epc-co.com)

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I was looking for designing the gate driver from the scratch. I have read the chapter 3 i.e. the driving gate drivers. I can only find how to set the gate driver resustances.

In the overall block diagram of the gate drivers, we have level shifters and driver blocks which are not defined in depth. If I am wrong in the approach of designing, please correct me. If I can get resources for the design mechanism, that would work like a charm.


If you need to build a system, I recommend using an existing gate driver. I am sorry but we do not have resources to help you design a gate driver.

Noted. Thankyousomuch for the guidance.