LTspice won't open

When I try to run a simulation I get the error “Could not open library file”. I added .include for the file with full path, but it did not help.


Hi, thanks for your post.
Just to check, did you download the model files for EPC23102 from It should download as
Then, could you please verify that is located in the same folder as your .asc or .sp testbench?
Finally, if you are using a .asc schematic testbench with the EPC23102 symbol we provided (EPC23102_model.asy), could you please verify that the symbol is looking for ModelFile
To do so, open the symbol, right-click, and select Edit Attributes:

Moving the model file to my schematic directory fixed the problem. I guess the include doesn’t work with that circuit? When I test the transistors I did not need to move the model.


Glad that you found a solution.

For future visitors to this post, I’ll add that when addressing issues with loading a custom .lib file into LT Spice, one thing which sometimes causes confusion is that LT Spice will automatically check for the requested .lib file in %HOMEPATH%\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\cmp, then %HOMEPATH%\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\sub, and finally in the directory that contains the calling netlist. So .lib files stored in those locations can be loaded without the include statement.

In addition, users can define specific library search paths using the control panel.