Pin designation on GaN driver UP1966E

I’m looking for information on the UP1966E GAN driver IC. Specifically I can’t seem to find out if the two phase pins on the IC need to be tied together externally (the two PHASE pins, C1 and D4), or are connected internally as a pcb layout convenience for the boost capacitor?

Yes, the pins C1 and D4 need to be connected together

this answer suprises me quite a lot.
We are using LM1205 as gate driver and I have the information that UP1966E is pin compatible with LM1205.
While using LM1205 you don’t need to connect those pins on the PCB, they are connected together in IC already.
Considering the tightness of the layout, this helps a lot.


thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We went back to the factory and you are correct: these 2 pins do not need to be connected together.