PLECS models for integrated driver + HB

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  1. Is there any available PLECS models of the integrated high side and low side GaN?:


  1. If this kind of models exist for these or other components, why arent they available straight forward as the LTspice models?

  2. Are there device models for the new QSPICE™ Simulator?

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José Miguel.

although we do have some PLECS models for discrete devices, we do not have them for the IC power stages. This is something we might work on in the future.
PLECS models use loss tables for the various switching losses: the simulator completely ignores the switching transitions and uses these tables to calculate losses. This is useful for higher level simulations where simulation speed is more important.

LTSpice models are very different as each switching transition is simulated, providing much more insights on what is happening during these transitions.

QSpice can directly import our LTSpice models.

I hope this helps…

Thank you, it would be very interesting to have them and even available on every components website.

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HI Miguel,
EPC sync (79.0 KB)
this is the library we have for discretes. I am checking to see if we can post it on our website.
Please note that the loss tables were calculated assuming a symmetrical half-bridge, so they are valid only in that condition (because of how Coss losses are handled).
This is a limitation of the method PLECS uses with switching loss tables: they are valid only in specific conditions, although the tool allows you to simulate many other topologies…


I am aware of the limitations but better having something than nothing to go with.

Thank you!.