PSpice or SIMetrix EPC2014C

I’m trying to import the EPC2014C model into either PSpice or SiMetrix (it does not matter which but I would prefer SiMetrix). The model comes as a .NET and I’m having difficulty importing it into either software. Can you provide a .LIB and .OLB file for me to use?



It sounds like you located the EPC2014C PSpice model on, which as you say is a .NET file.

Can you simply rename it as .LIB and import from there?

Updated models and [same].lib have been generated, which should be compatible with SiMetrix. They may be accessed using the dropbox transfer link below (no password required, expiration date = 4/16/2023):

Please let us know if this works or if you have any problems. Thank you.