UP1966E soldering and continous operation

Hi, I am using UP`966e to drive 4 EPC2302 GaN devices which are connected in parallel. I am having two key problems:

  1. the soldering of the UP1966E (I am using the profile mentioned)
  2. Sometimes when UP1966E gets soldered and starts working, it works for a few minutes in continuous operatin and stops working again.

Please advice

it does sound like you are having some assembly issues, but difficult to be certain without more details.
Have you discussed with your assembly house? Did you get X-ray and inspection reports from them to be sure the assembly process is correct?
By the way we have a reference design for motor drives using 4 EPC2302 in parallel like you, although it uses a different driver: EPC9186: 150 ARMS, wide input voltage 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive Inverter | EPC (epc-co.com), depending on your application it might help you in the initial phases of your design.

Hi @AbdulMuneeb,

Are you trying to hand solder them? I had similar troubles trying to get the LMG1205 to work reliably, which is of the same footprint as yours I think. The things I did that helped me a lot is using the soldermask defined pads, so thereā€™s a bit more soldermask to prevent bridging and soldering with an RMA flux, instead of a simple no-clean one.

Best of luck

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