Question about Crosstalk in boost circuit

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I have question about Crosstalk in boost circuit.

Why the Vgs crosstalk of PWM FET event just happen in SR FET turn on and turn off?

PWM FET turn on / off no induce vgs crosstalk on vgs of SR FET.

usually cross-talk is heavily dependent on layout.
This app note describes how to implement a good layout for GaN FETs: How2AppNote007 - Design an eGaN FET Based Power Stage with an Optimal Layout.pdf (
I also recommend you take a look at the half bridge evaluation board for the FET you are using: you cand find on the landing page of the device on our website, under the section for demo boards, look for the EPC90xxx
This is board is a basic half-bridge circuit with the gate driver and bootstrap circuit.

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Thank you for responds.
So, as your mentioned that regarding on whether the switch are switched in PWM or SR, CROSSTALK will occur in the opposite switch as VDS change, and the reason is poor layout.