Subnano Pulse Driver Application


Is there a gate driver and eGaN scheme available to generate subnano pulse say 500ps?


Hi Siyuan,

Thank you for your email. Yes, EPC’s GaN FETs are very fast, especially the smaller ones and the EPC80xx series. Some of the FETs themselves could do such a narrow pulse. But, as you said, implementation is a challenge:

  • Gate Driver: The EPC ICs such as EPC21601, EPC21603, are specified to have greater than 1 ns of pulse width. TI has a very nice/fast GaN gate driver, for pulsed laser driving, but it also specifies over 1 ns pulses. Discrete gate drivers may be possible, to drive the GaN FET for a pulse width of less than 1 ns. But, we have no recommended circuit nor board that implements this.
  • Board Layout and Laser: Another key element, besides a fast FET and a fast gate driver with short pulse ability, is the PCB layout. Minimal loop inductance is key, because even a small amount affects such fast operation. Including the inductance of the laser package. One example layout is here… but again, the gate driver used doesn’t specify such a short pulse width:

Brian Miller, EPC field applications engineer