GaN's anti-parallel intrinsic diode

Can you clarify the characteristics of the anti-parallel intrinsic diode? Silicon MOSFETS normally have the same current rating as the Drain Source forward current, how about GaN FETs?

GaN FETs do not have a parasitic PN diode, but we have a reverse conduction mechanism that is causing the channel to close when the source-drain voltage is above a couple of V (VDS < -2V). This is functionally equivalent to a diode with ZERO recovery and about 2 to 2.5V forward drop. Being the same channel, it is rated for the same current for short time, but since the drop is significantly higher than silicon (2.5V vs 1V) and much higher than the drop when the VGS is 5V (RDSon x IDS => few 100 mV at most), for long conduction time it is recommended to do not use the freewheeling but to drive the gate (sync rect).